Friday, 28 December 2012

Sketchbook Project - List of Hair Colours

There are lots of changing influences in my art right now including having less time to art because of the holidays, the 'Supplies Me' course by Jane Davenport and finishing my Sketchbook Project submission. Hence this page.

My Sketchbook Project subject is lists and my book is full of art and lists, sometimes related & sometimes not. The lists include personal to do lists or ones like this but they are all lists in my mind at the time I create them.

I cannot sing the praises of Jane's course loudly enough. She is a great teacher, has infectious enthusiasm and, if you like her style you will love this course. Only one thing though... be prepared to buy more supplies! Not because she says you should, in fact she encourages you to work with what you have, but there is so much lovely stuff being used that if you are into your art supplies at all you won't be able to help yourself. ;-)

This page is an acrylic wash, clean off wipe of an Artist Cellar stencil (their stencils are AMAZING - I love the map ones SO much) & Prismacolor pencils. I've had a set of pencils for years and hardly used them but Jane is showing me how. Wonderful.  I think they're my favourite supply... for now.

What's your favourite art supply, the one you love the most and why?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Grow wise little one

10 x 15 cm unframed print of a whimsical owl for $15 plus postage. (Postage is usually $1.50 max in Australia or $7 internationally). The quote says 'Grow wise little one' and would make a lovely gift for a new baby.
You can also order a pack of 5 cards of the same design for $10 plus postage. Or order a mixed pack of 5 cards (choose from any of the designs on my facebook site) for $12.50 plus postage. Note this design (and several of the others) is also available without the quote.

If you like my style but can't see the print you're looking for here please get in touch and I'll create something for you.

Please email order or for more information.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Diva Challenge #100

My Zentangling has been on hold for a while but I had to do one in honour of the Diva. :-)

The new tangle - Diva Dance - is another lovely exercise in care and meditation. Got to enjoy that, especially at this time of year.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Those Who Don't Believe - Art Journal Every Day

I used to be a one journal for everything gal but I have to admit I am currently working in 3 and Father Christmas has brought me at least one more and I've been watching heaps of Jenniebellie how to make journals out of junk videos so that number is set to increase. 

At this moment I have a diary-like journal (entry every day, lots of writing about my day to day life on painterly backgrounds), a quotes & drawings/paintings journal (inspiring words with pictures) and a faces journal (faces alone or with inspiring words). This entry is from the faces journal.

The universe is putting lots of things about the magic of life in my way at the moment. I'm pretty happy about that.

I used my beautiful PanPastels for the background. They are so lovely to use and I love the effect on the page...magical. :-) I had to spray fixative before I wrote the quote but that worked well anyway. I really like the blending and the way the colours on the page move from orange through to purple.

Do you use pastels in your art journal? Which ones & why and do you fix them?

Wishing you and your loved ones love and light, and all that's bright during this festive season. I hope 2013 brings you joy in many ways.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Week 14 (50) Project Life

Hello bright colours. Christmas and super hero parties will do that for you. :-)

Check out the photo in the middle. My darling boy screaming loudly during his first preschool concert. Fabulous!

Because this overlaps so much with December Daily I've decided to send my DD to my in-laws in the new year as a belated Christmas present. They're on the other side of the world from us and we share our son's life with them through Skype and a blog but I figured the DD would be something special. And I'll do one for my parents next year.

All your dreams can come true

10 x 15 cm unframed print for $15 plus postage. (Postage is usually $1.50 max in Australia or $7 internationally). The quote says 'All your dreams can come true.' and would make a lovely gift for a new baby boy. That's where the original is going. :-)

Pack of 5 cards (same design) for $10 plus postage. Pack of 5 cards (mixture of any of the designs on this website) for $12.50 plus postage. Note this design is available as a card without the quote as well as with.

Please email for more information or to order.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Everything you can imagine is real

10 x 15 cm unframed print for $15 plus postage. (Postage is usually $1.50 max in Australia or $7 internationally). The quote says 'Everything you can imagine is real.' and would make a lovely gift for a new baby girl or any girl (big or small) who likes teddy bears.

Pack of 5 cards (same design) for $10 plus postage. Pack of 5 cards (mixture of any of the designs on this website) for $12.50 plus postage. Note this design is available as a card without the quote as well as with.

Please email for more information or to order.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Merry & Bright - Art Journal Every Day

This page started it's life as a way to clean a stencil. That's the coloured chevrons in the background. I then continued working through 30 days in your journal, just adding words and art for 10 minutes every day.

We put up our tree on the 8th so the Christmas stamps had to go in and I also added strips of my new Golden Fluid paints with their names along the side as a reference.

I can see I'm getting more coherent in my page design (big thanks to the course of course) and I am enjoying using my art journal as a place for my own words as well as for playing with my supplies. This style works better than the 'illustrate a quote one' for me. I won't win any 'that's a beautiful page' prizes but I am documenting my artful journey in an artful and pleasing (to me) way. After all, that's the whole point eh?

I like my use of my new supplies and the funky doodle swirl border (two things - shock!)

I don't like that orange smear at the top left. It's a spill too far.

Which style of art journaling do you use/prefer and why?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dream Big

The original of this piece is destined for one of my favourite little girls on the planet but you can order an unframed 20 x 25 cm print for $20 plus postage. The quote says 'dream big' and would be great for anyone's elephant loving favourite girl too.

You can also order this piece as a pack of 5 cards (same design) for $10 plus postage.

Please email order or for more information.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week 13 (49) Project Life

The lovely Cathy Zielske (so real, honest & down to earth - I really admire her) posted a video about her Project Life Best Practices and they rang so true with me.  It's all about having the supplies ready, making a specific time and keeping notes (she explains it all much better than I can) and that's exactly what I'm finding.

Cathy also recommends an app called Day One and I think it's pretty cool too. I've also used Momento which takes feeds from heaps of other sites like facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram etc. so you can see all your updates in one place. So far Day One comes tops for me as it reminds you to write stuff down & I'm no longer a big facebook/twitter etc. user (used up FAR TOO MUCH TIME!).

So here's this week's layout. I like the squares, they work well for me and my Hipstamatic addiction. I used some Basic Grey (Kissing Booth) numbers on all the photos and I like the way it's pulled all the different shots together. Nothing dramatic, just a bit of continuity.

Christmas is coming. Gotta love that tree!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ink Spill - Art Journal Every Day

I'm doing Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's 30 Days in Your Art Journal class at the moment and am finding watching a video every day and therefore slowing myself down very liberating. I usually want to complete stuff in one sitting and, while I'm not sure the act of waiting is improving my art, it sure is improving my willpower and patience!

I am using a really cheap A4 watercolour pad as my art journal at the moment and I dislike the paper so much. It's got a horrible grey hue to it which reminds me of toilet tube roll insides and some of my supplies (Aquamarkers for one) just don't work on it at all. I am keen to get through it and have promised myself something lovely to use when I've finished.

The start of this page was when I used it to mop up a massive gold acrylic ink spill and it has given a great shimmer to the end result.

I like the double stitch borders.  I don't like that scribbly doodle to the right of the leaves where it is (although I can see it would totally work somewhere else.)

Do you have any recommendations for a really lovely art journal? I'd love to read your comments.

Love, light & all that's bright to you all.

Oh Christmas Tree

Pack of 10 cards (same design) for $15 plus postage.

Please email to order or for more information.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sometimes the smallest things...

20 x 25 cm unframed print of kangaroo & joey. The quote says 'Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart' and is from Winnie the Pooh. Would make a lovely print for a nursery.

Please email to order or for more information.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Week 12 (48) Project Life

Check out my new Aquamarkers on the first photo. The colour is gorgeous and they are lovely to use. Can't wait to try them out in my art journal. Unfortunately I am using some pretty yucky paper at the moment so that will have to wait.

I'm doing the December Daily this year and am wondering how it's going to work in with project life. Should be interesting.

And check out the 29th. That's a print of one of a series of angel pieces I did for Christmas cards... cool as!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Week 11 (47) Project Life

I really like the style F project life page. Lots of spaces for little photos and little comments. As my life is really full of the small stuff it works well for me. I even made a montage of shots for the one 4x6 slot!

My 'great space for taking photos of my project life' no longer works as the sun is higher in the sky and reflects off the plastic. The hunt begins again.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Consolidation Time

I have decided to consolidate all my blogs into one from now on. They're all about my creative work so there's no need to separate them all out. Plus it's tough keeping track of them all!

Old posts can be seen on these blogs:

Project Life
Art Journals

New facebook page here.

Kooky Makes Art

I owe a debt of gratitude to the following arty people. They have freed the artist inside who's been fighting to get out for so long.

Julie Fei-Fan Blazer
Alisa Burke
Christy Tomlinson
Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas
Suzi Blu
Jane Davenport

I am sure you can see their influences in all of my work. That's what good teachers are for.  And now I'm well on the road to discovering my own style.

Love & light & all things bright to you all.