Friday, 31 January 2014

A Sprinkle of Me

Last week I posted that I'd had a revelation about what might be my style. The next moment I had I rushed to my journal and created this.

A touch of Teesha Moore... a smidgen of Mindy Lacefield... a pinch and a half of Jane Davenport and a sprinkle of me...

Then I got sick. And so did my son. So I couldn't paint, I couldn't create. I had to rest. I had to pause. For 5 whole days.


Friday, 24 January 2014

The Artstronauts & Mindy Lacefield

Have you heard of The Artstronauts Club? Run by Teesha & Tracy Moore? It's an amazing hang out where beautiful people share their tips/tricks and creative inspiration and I'd happily spend all day hanging out there if I didn't have a job to do!

This week the gentle and lovely Mindy Lacefield posted a video where she created a journal page and  her process totally lit my creative fire. I literally pulled out my journal and created 4 pages, one after the other in a fabulous art filled afternoon.

Afterwards, when I caught my breath, I had a revelation about what my 'style' might be.

Watch this space.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Quick Sketch

I love neon. And hats. And looking at shadow shapes. And getting things done!

Quick 10 minute sketch from a magazine picture with my neon aquamarkers and this is the result.

Lots of fun!

Friday, 10 January 2014

How Far?

I'm not a big fan of comparisons. Especially in the creative world. If you try to compare yourself with other artists/writers/singers/actors/creatives you are never comparing apples with apples because you're trying to compare your life (that's what creativity is) to someone else's.

But comparing your own work is a whole different ball game. Then you can see how far you've come. Then you can see that you do improve and that you do change. And that's pretty awesome.

Picture on the left Jan 2nd 2013. Picture on the right Jan 2nd 2014.

Now, I'm not saying I've mastered it all (will I ever be able to draw a nose!... or hair!) but I can see the journey and that's good enough for me.

What about you?